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2023 Tenative Schedule & Race Night Results

*Schedule Subject to Change

SAT/MAY 13 Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI – HEAT (2nd) - FEATURE (6th)  [s. 6th]

FRIDAY/MAY 19 Tom Steuding Memorial at Red Cedar Speedway Menomonie, WI (DIRT KINGS TOUR) – HEAT (3rd) FEATURE (22nd)  [s. 11th] DNF

SAT/MAY 20 Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI – HEAT (4th) - FEATURE (4th)  [s. 4th]

FRIDAY/MAY 26 Salute to Service 30 at Outagamie Speedway Seymour, WI   (DIRT KINGS TOUR) – HEAT (3rd) - FEATURE (6th)  [s. 4th]  

SAT/MAY 27 Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI – (DIRT KINGS TOUR) – HEAT (1st) - FEATURE (2nd)  [s. 7th]

FRIDAY/JUNE 02 Stars & Stripes 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway Fountain City, WI – (DIRT KINGS TOUR)

SAT/JUNE 03 Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./JUNE 10  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./JUNE 17  Shawano Speedway , Shawano, WI

FRIDAY/JUNE 23  DIRT KINGS TOUR - King of the Bullring at Gravity Park Speedway Chilton, WI

SATURDAY/JUNE 24  DIRT KINGS TOURThe Diamond 45 at 141 Speedway Francis Creek, WI 

FRIDAY/JUNE 30  DIRT KINGS TOURS - Mid-Summer Showdown at Outagamie Speedway Seymour, WI  

SAT./JULY 01  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./JULY 08  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SUN./JULY 09  King of the Village at The 'Burg Luxemburg, WI

SAT./JULY 15  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./JULY 22  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

FRIDAY/JULY  28  DIRT KINGS TOUR - King of the Fair at Langlade County Speedway Antigo, WI

SAT. /JULY 29  Shawano Speedway - Gehm's Club 117 Kings Classic at Shawano Speedway Shawano, WI

SAT./AUG 05  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./AUG 12  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SUN./AUG 13  DIRT KINGS TOUR  King of the Park at Angell Park Speedway Sun Prairie, WI  

FRIDAY/AUG 18  DIRT KINGS TOUR - Rumble by the River 40 at Mississippi Thunder Speedway Fountain City, WI   

SAT./AUG 19  DIRT KINGS TOUR - Deerk Creek 40 at Deer Creek Speedway Spring Valley, MN

FRIDAY/AUG 25  DIRT KINGS TOUR - WABAM 30 at Plymouth Dirt Track Racing Plymouth, WI  

SAT./AUG 26  Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SAT./SEPT 02 Shawano Speedway, Shawano, WI

SATURDAY/SEPTEMBER 9 - Fall Brawl at Outagamie Speedway Seymour, WI

FRIDAY/SEPTEMBER 22 - Summer Sizzler at Sycamore Speedway Maple Park, IL

SATURDAY/SEPTEMBER 23 - 6th Annual Jim Wildman Watson Classic at Wilmot Raceway Wilmot, WI

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