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October 24, 2019 -Shawano, WI - Through the years, successful race car drivers and their teams, go through phases. They start out young hungry kids who try everything they can to prove they can compete with the big boys. They work tireless hours in the shop trying to gain some sort of edge to put them in that elite group competing alongside their idols. When they gain that experience, knowledge and sponsorship's to allow them a legitimate chance, some make that jump to the front of the pack. The Springborn #81 Late Model became not only a contender, but a Championship Team that was now the measuring tool for up and coming drivers. TSR enjoyed this status for many years starting in early 2000 through the 2008 season piling up over 75 feature wins (of their 115+) and 8 of their 11 track Championships! 

 Then came the phase of families and jobs, because we all know even successful drivers put more into their car then ever gets paid out. Those team members and close knit group who worked all those long hours together now have other priorities. The driver is older and wiser and content to just racing for family and friends. The #1 Priority becomes to not wreck our equipment. Cost too much to replace!

 Then comes the now phase. After racing 10 years still competing but not as much of a threat, some old friends join together again and find a bit of that fire that they had years ago. This is a fun stage for everyone involved, can we do it again? Can we still run upfront nightly? Can we finish Top 5 at bigger shows? The answer in 2019 was yes,yes and yes! Springborn Racing was back. People worried about the yellow #81 again. The pit crew was back making minor adjustments to a FAST race car. Finishing Top 5 in big shows, winning features and numerous heat races. Finishing 2nd in championship points at the Shawano Speedway and 4th in the Dirt Kings Touring Late Model Series.

 Older, wiser and still relevant! Where ever it goes from here is anyone's guess. But we all know now, the #81 Team still has that fire in them and I am sure the hours in the shop still have quite a bit of stories to tell...

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